Tips to Remember when Getting Accommodation at the University of Birmingham

University life is pretty exciting. If you’ve just finished High School and are looking to begin a life in University, the first thing that you need to look for is student accommodation Birmingham City University.

Starting your University career…

If you are going to start your life at the University of Birmingham and are worried about accommodation, you need worry no more. Starting your time at the University will be easy, as there is accommodation in Birmingham UK to be found pretty easily. Accommodation Birmingham university is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to securing accommodation provided by the University:

1. Understanding your accommodation needs

Find out what kind of accommodation you would like to have. There are various options. You can opt for a private study where the bathroom and the kitchen facilities are shared. If you are not too eager to share such facilities, you might consider the option of a private study where only kitchen facilities are shared. Apart from that, you have options of getting your own place where you don’t have to share anything. You can get a studio apartment too. Hence, the very first thing you need to do is to finalize what kind of accommodation Birmingham University you want.

2. Using the Annual Accommodation Open Day plan
To help you zero in on your kind of accommodation, you could make use of the Annual Accommodation Open Day to actually experience how living in your chosen accommodation will feel like. Options are provided to spend a few hours at your chosen accommodation to get a feel of what it will actually feel like. You could also opt to stay overnight. This time the Annual Accommodation Open Day is on 25 April 2015, a Saturday. It’s a great time to understand your accommodation Birmingham University needs if you attend that Annual Accommodation Open Day.

3. Use the accomodation form
Next, apply for accommodation using the form given on the website. Remember accommodation is given on a first come, first serve basis, so if you want to get your preferred kind of accommodation then, you need to apply well in time. If you want to make a special request like living with a friend, you need to make sure that your friend makes the request too. Only if the request comes from both ends will it be considered. Even after that, there is no guarantee. Such an arrangement is subject to availability. Also, if you are a disabled person, you need to submit a doctor’s note that explains your disability and any special living requirements you might have. Alternatively you need to be approved by the disability board.

4. Confirm the accommodation
Finally, when you get the approval and you are allotted accommodation, be sure to confirm it within four days of being intimated of the allocation. If this is not done, then the University will reallocate the accommodation to someone else and you lose your spot. Confirming ensures that you get the accommodation Birmingham University. Of course, you can reapply but you will be starting at the back of the line.

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