The Landlords

Sheryl & Richard are originally London landlords and when their son went to Birmingham University in 2005 he was complaining about the quality of the houses on offer. So we decided to buy our first house which we then completely renovated and put on a third floor making it a brand new 6 bedroom houseAfter the house was completed, our son said he did not want to share a house where he would be the son of the landlord, so we put it on the rental market and we had such an overwhelming response from students wanting to rent it that we decided we could make a difference and offer students really nice living accommodation. From there on we grew and we have now a large portfolio of various size houses offering all the most modern up to date features, so that students can study and relax in a comfortable environment knowing that they are taken care of by Poshpads .

Our Houses

Are always throughout the year kept to a very high standard as we really care about our students. And we are always looking to improve and welcome suggestions from our tenants. We like to think that we can live in these houses ourselves.

Members of:

We are members of the Midlands landlord association and we are accredited landlords by The Midlands Landlords Accreditation Scheme (MLAS) we regularly keep up to date with current legislation and regulations including most importantly health & safety issues. All our properties comply with HMO regulations,

Our Comitment To You:

We strive to be the best landlords with the best properties in Selly Oak. We are very proud of our good reputation in providing quality and safe houses. We have a quick response maintenance team available at all times giving a fast and efficient service.