What is better – University or Private Accommodation?

There are endless debates between the options that are available to the student. How do you decide whether to live in university accommodation or to get private accommodation?

Every year, the question is pondered over by students all over the world. What is the answer? Instead of telling you what’s better, we give you the pros and cons of both options – so that you can then decide for yourself.

University of Birmingham accommodation

Staying at your Birmingham University accommodation has various benefits. The biggest benefit accrues to first-year students. If you have never before lived on your own and have no experience living away from home long-term, university accommodation is your best bet. You get a group of other people in the same situation and the same social awkwardness. Another benefit is that the people who are your neighbors share something in common with you. They are people you will see every day at the university and therefore you have a readymade social circle. Another merit is that it is a significant help in academic matters and others. You can organize study groups, ask for help on something you don’t understand late at night just hours before the exam. Apart from all this, university accommodation is furnished, a facility you do not get in most private accommodation. You also get access to varied food options through your food plan.

Cons include the fact that you might have social pressure in greater intensity than when you live away. You might want to study, but if your whole hall is organizing a party it is tough to say no. Also staying on your own tends to give you greater independence and builds responsibilities.

Private accommodation
If you are not looking for Birmingham University accommodation, you can choose the private option too. The benefits of private accommodation are straight up obvious, right? Make any surface an ash tray, play loud music late at night without someone from the next room telling you grumpily that they are trying to study, get your own kind of furniture and personalize the place as you see fit – and so much else. There is also the fact that you do not have the pressure of scheduling your social life in tandem with your village or hall.

However, the cons become quickly visible once you actually start living. The trash cans do not clear themselves out, you find out your food options are fairly limited unless you are ready to go four miles away, you have to take care of your own bills every month and keep in mind the deadlines.

If you are looking for Birmingham University accommodation, you need to know that you have to take care of a lot of things. These include, but are not limited to, the costs, University rooms available and University guidelines. Student accommodation in Birmingham city center can seem expensive but you can definitely find a place that you need, if you look early.

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