Benefits of living in the University of Birmingham Accommodation

While looking for University of Birmingham accommodation as a student, there are various options. You can take rooms that allow sharing of bathroom facilities, or you could take a private study that allows for sharing of both kitchen and bathroom facilities. You also have the option of taking a studio apartment. You could also get your own flat. There are many choices to consider.

But before getting that specific, the major choice has to be made between two things – whether to take the accommodation provided by the University or whether to look for private options. Here are the pros of taking University accommodation:

1. Cost of living
The cost of living includes not only the rent or security or insurance you pay, but also the food costs and travelling costs and other allied expenses. Generally the costs you would incur while taking University accommodation are less than what you would incur if you were to choose a private flat.

2. Social setting
When you live at the University of Birmingham accommodation, you live with a set of people who know you (or know of you) and have things in common with you. The University accommodation is a set of ‘villages’, and each is a ready made mini-community. You have your social circle already built for you, of people who actually matter in your everyday life.

3. Help with academics
It is quite helpful if the person right next door is battling with the same huge text that you are. Regular study groups are possible if a large group of students stay together, especially during examination time. Not only for academic help, this often becomes a support group too.

4. Friendship
It is often said that friends you make during this time of life are the friends that last forever. Living together in the same area form an indelible bond between people that they cherish later. It is an experience that should be experienced at least once.

5. Travelling convenience
In the University of Birmingham accommodation, all the different Villages, are located just ten or fifteen minutes away from the University. This is comfortable walking distance. Alternatively buses ply on the same route too, and you can use public transport. This nearness to the University saves time on a everyday basis and is an incredible convenience, you realize this when you actually start living there.

Apart from this, as a fresher you want to take a look at some other things as well. Get to understand your mates and talk to them. There is no need to befriend the first person you meet. Take time to talk to others in yur immediate surrounding, and you can also check out the balls and sports events going throughout the year. You can sign up for the events that you are interested in. Go to the drying and laundy room and learn to keep your rooms clean. It is important to be clean and while oyu may have a cleaner, don’t forget that cleanliness is a habit that goes a long way.

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