Tips and tricks to minimise costs for accommodation in Birmingham

Are you looking for student accommodation Birmingham city centre? Birmingham, as a city, is full of life and as with all other metropolises out there, it’s tough to get an affordable place to live in.

If you have got your admission into Birmingham university, you need to look for a place to stay during your college years. Yes, if you are a student and you are looking for accommodation in Birmingham, it can seem expensive. You have to find the right kind of student accommodation Birmingham city centre, house mates with whom you can adjust, a locality that is safe, an area that is well-connected to the university, and yet stay within your budget. It can seem too much at times. Here are some smart tips and tricks that will help you minimize living costs in Birmingham.

1. In most cities, rents for accommodation increase the closer you move to the university. So to find a cheap option find a place that is not very near to the university in terms of walking distance, but is not very far by public transportation. This can save you quite some money in terms of rent, and if your place is connected by public transport traveling every day won’t be a problem too.
2. Accommodation provided by the university is furnished. But when you are looking for your own accommodation, it will most likely be completely devoid of furniture. If you only want furnished accommodation, your choices are reduced to just two options – either full board or a room in a family house. This leaves you with less choice on your other parameters as distance, location, room mate; among others. Therefore if you find the perfect accommodation and the only problem is that it is unfurnished, do not panic – you do not have to blow a lot of money for getting your basic furniture. There are notices of garage sales in newspapers – look for them. Also be on the lookout for students around your campus selling furniture. Second hand shops are also an excellent option.
3. If you are looking to cut costs, do not look for single accommodation. Student accommodation can be costly. Birmingham city centre Shared accommodation is cheaper than living alone.
4. Food is a big part of the monthly expense. Ask your landlord – some places also provide food within their package. If this is provided, then a slightly raised rent than other locations is well worth it. If there isn’t such an option, then do not get into the habit of buying from delis or restaurants daily – that can prove expensive on a monthly basis. Instead, cook for yourself. If you buy your own provisions and prepare the food, the cost goes down significantly. It is a better option and costs less too. You can afford student accommodation Birmingham city centre if you choose well.

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