All you need to know about Birmingham as a student

Are you looking for Birmingham University accommodation? Have you never been to the city before and know nothing about it? It is important to know how to get around the city, where to buy your clothes from, places to hang out with your friends and other everyday life things. Don’t worry, here’s a comprehensive guide to Birmingham and the things you need to know about the city.

1. Transportation
Transportation is necessary for a student. Whether it is travelling to and from a university every day or just travelling around the city in the holidays, you need to know about the city that will be your new home for the next few years. Birmingham is right in the centre of the United Kingdom motorway system. It is connected to 500 places by the network. London is just over an hour away. The public transport system is quite decent and includes a network of buses, trains and trams.

2. Sports activities
If you are a sports enthusiast, you will not be disappointed when you look for sports-related activities to spend your evenings after classes. Activities like ten-pin bowling, golf, go-carting, ice-skating, squash, tennis and swimming are available at various places in the city. The universities themselves offer world-class infrastructure. Birmingham University accommodation helps you do everything you want.

3. Nightlife
Birmingham has a lively party scene. There is the famous Balti Triangle, which houses close to fifty restaurants in close proximity within itself. It is a sheer delight for any hungry stomach, whether glutton or gourmet, and any kind of wallet, whether full or limp. The Birmingham O2 Academy is a famous place for concerts and world-famous bands like Kings of Leon and the Arctic Monkeys have performed her before. Apart from that, the Waterhall Gallery of Modern Art and Birmingham Symphony Orchestra are other avenues of culture and entertainment.

4. Shopping
Shopping options in a city are extremely important students. Not only is college a time to explore and find your unique dressing style, it is also a time when you do not have an unlimited budget. Birmingham provides varied options for shopping. The city houses United Kingdom’s largest city centre shopping mall. This mall is at walking distance from three stations. Apart from the high-end options, there are Victorian arcades which are popular among students for getting trendy and cheap clothing of good quality. For jewellery there is the Jewellery Quarter, that houses over 500 shops.

There are a number of Birmingham University accommodations available for you. If you are looking for the right student accommodation in Birmingham city university, just chalk out what you need first including whether you need university or private accomodation. Understand your budget and then look for an acocmodation that suits you – you may choose either to live alone or with a roommate.

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