Finding my new pad


Have a good look at our great houses online and make a shortlist of those you would like to view using our contact page. Try to limit the number of houses to 5 or less. We’ll then contact you by phone or email to arrange viewing. It’s obviously important that as many of your group as possible attend the viewing.


As soon as your group has chosen a house, everyone in the group will need to sign an AST ( Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement ) and pay the deposit in full. Once this is completed, the house will be taken off the market and reserved for you. You are then legally committed.


The AST ( mentioned above ) is a legal document which you should read thoroughly before signing. We also recommend that you have a parent, guardian or the ARC (Advice and Representation Service) look at it.


You will need to pay a security deposit, as stated in the AST. You can pay this in cash or via online banking. Your deposit will be protected by a government
approved tenancy deposit scheme. These schemes have been mandatory since 2007.


As well as completing an application form with their own details, each member of the group will be asked to provide the name of a person who will act as their guarantor. This is usually a parent or guardian, who agrees to guarantee the tenant’s performance under the terms and conditions of the AST for the duration of the tenancy. Once you have nominated a guarantor, we may write to them asking them to sign the relevant form.


Rent will need to be paid in advance from the start of the tenancy, either by standing order or via online banking.


Rental payments do not normally include utilities. Please remember that you will need to budget for gas, electric, water, the internet and a TV licence.


All the arrangements for the day your tenancy starts will be emailed to you, including an address where your keys can be collected.

Property Handbook

At the start of your tenancy, we will supply you with all the information you could possibly need about your house and guide you through what you need to do regarding bills.