Choosing between the Different Kinds of accommodation at the University of Birmingham

Choosing accommodation for a University can be a difficult job. There are different factors to keep in mind before making this decision, right from the budget, the space required, to the daily cleanliness and comfort level when sharing with a roommate or two. There are many other factors play a vital role in deciding what kind of accommodation to opt for. But before deciding on any choice, the first step is to know the various kinds of options on offer. The various pros and cons of the different kinds of accommodation will be different for each person. There is also the option of whether to take University accommodation or live on your own by finding private accommodation. The basic kinds of accommodation options available are as follows.

1. Getting the right bedroom accommodation
Do you prefer having a room mate or do you want to spend your time alone? There is a choice depending upon your needs. There are single study bedroom accommodations in different villages. ‘Villages’ are the various University accommodation localities, each a complete community in its own right. These kinds of rooms are cluster flats. They share kitchen and bathroom facilities. The studies are ready and furnished. This option is ideal for those who want peace while studying but enjoy social contact and don’t want to entirely lose out on the ‘living with other students’ experience. Student accommodation Birmingham City University can be real easy.

2. Choosing the ensuite accommodation option
There is also ensuite accommodation. Accommodation in Birmingham city centre is easy as well. The difference between single study bedroom accommodation and en-suite accommodation is that kitchen facilities are shared, but bathroom facilities are separate. This might be the right choice for those who are hesitant about hygiene practices of others. Also it affords a little more privacy than the previous option.

3. Choosing an apartment
If budget is not your primary convern, you can go in for the third option, and choose a studio or apartment for yourself. These afford complete privacy, and sole use of bathroom and kitchen facilities. This is for those who want complete privacy and do not want to share with another student of the University.

4. Going in for other private options
There are private options available, where the students can find accommodation in Birmingham city centre easily, that is not provided by the University. The University provides assistance with this with their Living Accommodation service. Students can also opt to find and accommodation on their own.

5. Staying at your home
If you’re resident of Birmingham, then this option is for you. There is also an option of attending University from home. Unlike a lot of Universities, staying at their accommodation is not compulsory at the University of Birmingham. The facilities provided to the students who have a home in the city and travel everyday to and from University is the same as is provided to students availing themselves of the option to take up University residence. Accommodation in Birmingham City Centre after all, is pretty easy.

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