Accommodation checklist for a student in Birmingham

Finding the right student accommodation university of Birmingham can be tough. The questions can be many – do you need to choose a single room or are you looking for a roommate? Often, the choices are decided by how we ourselves are. Social butterflies would like companies while nerds would love books and easy access to the libraries. Foodies would love a place with restaurants nearby while a sports guy would love to be able to play even during evenings.

If you are a student in Birmingham and are looking for private accommodation around university of Birmingham, you need to keep a few things in mind. Whether your university has finished allocating accommodation or you just prefer to get a place on your own, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Here are the factors you should consider before you finally choose your home for the next few years:

1. Look at the locality carefully. What kind of people live around you? Is it the working class, an area for students or primarily families? What is the crime rate? Is it a commercial area, industrial area or a residential area? How far is every day use convenience shops? Is the environment conducive to study? These are just a few of the question you need to ask yourself.
2. Look at the transportation. If you are going to use your own vehicle, consider the routes, how long it will take, regular traffic on the way and such things. If you are going to use public transportation, check available modes and how easy it is to use them on an everyday basis. The best thing would obviously be to find accommodation within walking distance of your university.
3. Choose your housemates carefully. Many students in second and third year elect to live with their friends. If you are looking for a shared accommodation out of university in your first year, you will be paired up with people you don’t know. Talk about sharing of costs (for thing everybody will commonly use – toilet paper, detergent, eggs). Talk about your privacy needs, social habits, and sleeping habits. Clarify your stand on smoking, alcohol and illicit substances. Talk about hosting overnight visitors. Finally, remember to trust your instincts because everyone cannot be trusted. Accommodation university of Birmingham is easy, after all.
4. Keep in mind that if you are going for non-university accommodation, then the place you are going to get will probably not be furnished. If you are looking for a furnished place, your options narrow down considerably. Full board or a room in a family house are the choices you should explore in that case. Talk about heating or air-conditioning and what the cost system for that is.
5. Remember the facilities you want. Are you looking for a plan that covers food too? Do you need your personal space to study but you are open to sharing other facilities? For how long do you require accommodation?

Remember, accommodation university of Birmingham isn’t difficult to find, you just need to be able to spot the right places to stay.

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