5 things to know when looking for Accommodation at University of Birmingham

There are few things more interesting than getting to study at the university of your dreams, but it is important to ensure that you get the right accommodation to make sure you are off to a convenient start. If you are going to start at the University of Birmingham, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to timely secure your preferred student accommodation Birmingham Edgbaston. Here are five important things to keep in mind if you intend to take the University accommodation.

1. Application process
Remember that the applications received are always more than the accommodation available. Apply in a timely manner. Know the deadlines and the important dates. The form for application is available on the University website year round, and there is always a final date post which more applications for accommodation are not entertained. There are different dates for graduates from the United Kingdom and the European Union, and international students. The last date in 2015 for UK and EU students is 31 May 2015, and it is 31 July 2015 for the latter.

2. Payment plan
There are various options available. You will need to figure out for how long you want the student accommodation Birmingham Edgbaston, what all you want in it etc. so that you know what that will cost you. The basic accommodation fee includes your Internet service, room insurance and utility costs. It also has the added perk of free calls to all other rooms in the University. After your application is processed and you are chosen to receive accommodation you get a period of four days to confirm or deny it. If you fail to reply within four days, you are back to square one – you have to reapply. 550 pounds need to paid in advance along with this confirmation.

3. Distance from the University
It is important to have accommodation which is near to the University, or at least is suitably connected by easy means of transport. The student accommodation Birmingham Edgbaston scores favourably on this aspect. It is at walking distance from the University. Apart from that, there is an efficient public transport service that plys on that route.

4. Students with special requirements
There are special facilities for disabled students with accommodation suited to their requirements. Either doctor’s documentation or a referral from the Disability Support Team is needed for applying to this accommodation. If you need any special requirements, do not hesitate to ask the University authorities.

5. First hand experience
The most important thing to remember is that you can experience the kind of accommodation options you have firsthand – on the Accommodation Open Day. This time, it is on 25 April 2015. From touring the campus to ensuring that you are choosign the right option, taking part on the Accomodation Open Day will help you know more about life at the University of Birmingham.

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